Remembrance activities for the 23. anniversary of the racist arson attacks of Mölln 1992

anıları canlı tutma mücadelesi
das erinnern erkämpfen
reclaim and remember
Αγώνας εις Μνήμη

Remembrance is also a remembering of violence. It makes violent structures visible. Structures, which are engraved in this society and allow verbal aggression, pogroms and murder to continue. Right-wing, racist and neo-Nazi structures. Structures of then. Structures of today.

The family home of the Arslan’s was set on fire with molotov cocktails by neo-fascists on November 23, 1992. During the attack, 10 year old Yeliz Arslan, 14 year old Ayşe Yilmaz and 51 year old Bahide Arslan were murdered. Other family members were badly injured. The neo-Nazis had previously committed an arson attack in the Ratzeburger Street 13, where also people of Turkish origin lived. Nine of them were heavily injured.

Right-wing hate campaigns, attacks on planned and existing refugee accommodations and their inhabitants have become an everyday phenomenon again in 2015. Relatives of those who were killed and survivors of racist and neo-Nazi violence name this daily racism. They describe openly how they are doing, then and today. They are making their voices heard and demanding answers.

Solidarity means to meet the affected people, in their environment, on equal terms. In a careful exchange. With open ears and wide hearts. There are many experiences and stories. Many injuries. Many wishes and needs. Many perspectives. It is important to hear them. To bring them together out of their isolation. To link them up. And through this challenge politics of remembrance as a collective in diversity.

These events are to reclaim remembrance – of what happened, of the forgotten, of the silenced, of things swept under the carpet, of the origins and the consequences, of the before and the thereafter. Those demands are still current.

There is still a lot to do.

The “Freundeskreis im Gedenken an den rassistischen Brandanschlag von Mölln 1992“ consists of members and friends of the Arslan family and individuals of different anti-fascist and anti-racist groups.

Remembrance activities:

Saturday, November 7, 2015
„Mölln Speech in Exil“
Argyris Sfountouris
survivor of the SS-massacre in the Greek village of Distomo on June 10, 1944
members of family Arslan
Place: Foyer in the Theatre of Bremen
Beginning: 16.00 Uhr
Address: Goetheplatz 1-3, 28203 Bremen

Monday, November 23, 2015
„Reclaim and Remember“
Open remembrance of Bahide and Yeliz Arslan and Ayşe Yilmaz
Place: in front of the Bahide-Arslan-House
Beginning: 15.00
End: 19.00
Address: Mühlenstraße 9, Mölln

Friday, November 27, 2015
„Reclaim and Remember“
Remembrance concert for those affected by racist and neo-Nazi violence
with Neonschwarz; The Future is still Unwritten; Onejiru, Melanie Wharton and Chassy Wezar; Schwarz auf Weiss
Place: Schlachthof, Bremen
Beginning: 20.00
Address: Findorffstr. 51, 28215 Bremen

for further mobilisation events see: